I love reading, as it relaxes me after a stressful day. I especially like reading stories about historical events or interesting countries. This book Pomegranate Soup by Marsha Meheran is delightful, reminding me of my dear Iranian friends in England. After each chapter there is a recipe for a delicious Persian dish……I just wanted to get up and make it then and there. The only thing stopping me was I did not have all the ingredients.

Spilled Water is a sad book about a little Chinese girl, but beautifully written. Phoebe and I have enjoyed reading it.
“Lu Si-Yan is an 11-year-old farm girl in China. Her family is very poor, and when her father dies, her rich uncle must take care of them. He sells her as a servant to a wealthy city family who wants her to marry their mentally-handicapped son when she is old enough. However, when the grandmother finds out that this is what her daughter-in-law has in store for Lu Si-Yan, she gives her money and helps her escape.

The Note is a story about a failing columnist who is throw a life line. She is self contained and needs no-one but started to unravel as she takes on a new challenge.

 Identity by Charlotte Scanlon- Gambol
This is a great book which I am re-reading which is about who you are  and what God want for your life. very exciting and easy to read too!

What books are you reading? Any good ones as I am always on the look out for new titles.


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