The children have got a special project to do over the summer…keep a journal of what they do and think about! The first job was to go and buy a notebook and somethings to help us do these journals…so off to PBC the shop in Phnom Penh with the best selection of cute note books.

The kids had a great time rushing around the shop at full pelt trying to choose from the vast array of gorgeous notebooks. There were ones with doodling inside (Korean), spiral bound, plastic covers, shiny, bumpy , smooth, glittery, trendy…….
Then the next job was to get pencils, colouring pencils, glue, scissors, tape, pens, erasers, pencil  sharpeners and of course sweets!!!
They were all really happy and spent the rest of the afternoon doing pages in their journals…aaaaah bliss.

Lucia’s first page was …” I wish I could go to my house in England”

Ewan’s first page “I wish I could go to space on holiday”

 Jamie …..”I am excited about going on holiday to Chaingmai”

Phoebe’s was a doodly title page…..

Mine…….. well mine is not started yet but I have ideas.. I am going to include a book list of all the books I have read. I am on book number three already!
After we had finished we bought some presents and asked them to be gift wrapped. The boys toy for a boy and the girls toy for a girl….simple??? Aaaahhh!! Not quite! 20 minutes later I finally get my gifts wrapped after counting no less than 17 staff members on one floor (not a large shop). the boys present was all in pink and the girls a kind of acceptable pink and green!!!
What I saw from the car mirror

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