Out and About

I often post about specific events but I thought I would try to take photos every now ans then which are everyday sights for me. often when I an driving I will see interesting thing but may not have my camera with me. Today I was picking up Phoebe who had beenĀ  helping her friend in her coffee shop.

flower shop

Today my route was through a busy market street preparing for Khmer New Year so there were loads of fruit and flower sellers, with bananas and little ornamental offerings made of banana leaves and incense. These will be offerings in the home or pagoda tomorrow.


I then have to drive along an open very stinky black canal. I was struck by the contrast of the beautiful flowers on the tree and then the black murky water below.

beauty and rubbish

All along the canal were houses and washing and food being left out to dry and rubbish.

washing linechillisman by roadstreet

Rubbish and flowers Then I collected Phoebe with her coffee in a bag!

coffee in a bag


to market to market to buy….


……pigs snouts or durian anyone? I do like going to the local market but there are some things that I actually really do not want to buy!!! These are two of them. I dont usually get to the maket during the week as it is important when getting fresh fruit and vegĀ  and especially meat to go early. Sambath our house helper will not buy meat after 9:30 so I follow her example! So most of the time I go on the weekend to our local market or maybe the Russian market, Orassay or Olympic if I am after clothes as they are much better than the local one. I find it is an excellent place to practise my Khmer as the shop sellers are really friendly and willing to correct my misprounouced words…also it ofen will get me the loal price rather than the foreigners price!

However not everything in the market is smelly and horrible….

Phoebe and my favourite rest from shopping drink