Changing Face of Phnom Penh

When we first arrived in Phnom Penh nearly 7 years ago, the highest place a member of the public could view Phnom Penh was Suki Soup in  Sorya shopping  some 6 floor up. There were no real sky scrapers just a handful of office blocks poking above the normal 3 story buildings. Now the skyline is changing and the buildings are becoming taller and more ambitious. The latest bid is for a riverside skyscraper 133 stories high. Who knows if it will be built but what I do know is the next few years this beautiful view will change. 

I love seeing the city from this vantage point. I can see the juxtapose of new and old. The spires of the royal place and the modern glass fronted office blocks, the Olympic stadium and new malls. My favourites are the multi coloured roofs of the town houses dotted with roof gardens and washing and the straight boulevards going off into the distance. The two rivers coming together and slowly winding past the city. There is something special about the city from this perspective. There is hope for the future. Our prayer is that there will be good changes in this country from the roots on up.


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