5 YEARS!!!

5 years ed

Yes it is true and we can hardly believe it ourselves but we have been in Cambodia for exactly five years. 


We arrived very jet lagged on Saturday 25th July and after making it through passport and visa control, where all the children had collapsed in a heap on the floor (we are sure our visas got processed super fast as a result) we were met by Brent Willsmore and April Quimpo to be taken to the house we were staying in. Two week later we had started work at Hope International School.

In our five years we have moved 3 times and have ended up on the same street we started on. We have seen to school staff grow from about 20 expat to about 45, and the number of children in school is now 370 which I think is nearly double what is was when we started.

The church we go to has changed and grown too, from Jubilee Family Church to Liberty Family church, with Khmer leading worship and involved in the running of the church.

We have had fun and hard times, times when we wondered why we had come and times when we knew it was the right place for us to be. We have made many new friends and also said goodbye to a lot of those friends. We have enjoyed holiday times where we have been able to travel round Cambodia and surrounding countries. We have enjoyed having lots of different people visit and are looking forward to those who are going to come!

All through these last five years we have know Gods provision and blessings to us in so many ways. We also could not have done this journey without the amazing support of family and friends in England, Cambodia and those friends scattered. You have emailed, Skype, sent parcels, given us gifts, hosted us in your houses, kept us supplied with tea bags, looked after us when we had dengue, encouraged and been there when we needed help, laughed with us and cried with us. Thank you for being part of our time in Cambodia, we are so grateful -you know who you are!



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