Accidents and Emergencies

Recently I asked people what they wanted to read on our blog. Daily life was one of the things which came up most. So I am going to try to blog about the everyday mundane and sometimes exciting things which happen to us.
So this week we had two A&E situations. What do you do when your youngest daughter is escorted to you with blood dripping from her head after falling off her scooter? On inspection it is a nasty deep cut on her head about 1.5-2 cm long, do you…

A. Ring 999 for an ambulance?
B. Wash the blood off and use her hair to “tie up” the cut?
C. Jump on a tuk tuk and head to a clinic?

Thankfully as I have done first aid and after having four children I have dealt with a few injuries over the years. We took her into the bathroom which is completely tiled and after working out where the cut was applied pressure and carefully rinsed off all the blood from her hair. When the bleeding had stopped we cleaned the wound and realized that is was very deep and long and would need stitches. So as it was a head wound this ruled out traveling by motorbike so we rang a tuk tuk driver to come to our house.
There are a few choices in Phnom Penh for what to do next. Most expats use International SOS or Royal Rattanak Hospital and also the main hospital, Calmette Hospital, who have A&E departments. However serious illness or injury may still require medical evacuation, probably to Bangkok or Singapore.
If you needed an ambulance you can ring this emergency number 119 (from 023 phones), 023-724891 but usually you would be better to ring the number for the specific hospital you want to go to, and they will send their ambulance. In each case you would need to have cash available to pay in case you need to pay in advance before the ambulance will take you. Also many hospitals or clinics require either insurance information or a credit card before any treatment is started, even if it is an emergency!

For us, this time thankfully we did not need an A&E but instead a walk in clinic. After a quick discussion with some friends and we set off for the Clinic Sokhapheap Thmey
They are open 24 hours, are efficient, clean and speak English and for this type of injury are very good. Lucia was very brave and ended up having 3 stitches in her head.
Lucia sm

Our second emergency this week was when Sting one of our cats decided to venture outside and was attacked by our landladies dogs. Thankfully she tied the dogs up and we found him cowering under the woodpile at the side of her house. Phoebe very quickly checked on the internet to see how to deal with a cat who has been traumatized. We waited about 30 mins then got a pillowcase and talked gently with him to try to coax him out. When he got up and moved a little we gently picked him up using the pillowcase in case he tried to claw us and put him in a cardboard box. After ringing a vet we use called PPAWS we hopped on the motorbike and took him to be checked over. He had to stay in overnight but when we picked him up in the morning although he still had a sore back and had 3 bites on his leg nothing seemed to be broken. PPAWS are so lovely and caring and thankfully only a 5min drive from our house.
colin sm
Sting sm
Rachel Saunders
***NOTE** I realised I did not put where we normally go for everyday treatment….we use Dr Marissa who was recomended to us and is also on a list of approved clinic from the US embassy just in case anyone who reads this blog lives in or is visiting Cambodia and needs medical information you can find it at


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