The camera never lies …

… but then there’s PhotoShop

The school year finished a couple of weeks ago and next week we’re off to Vietnam (for the first time) for a holiday. To apply for visas we had to provide some up to date passport photos. The embassy’s website said they should be 6cm x 4cm with a white background. Time to setup a temporary studio but it wasn’t all smooth sailing …

Colin 1Rachel 1Phoebe 1    Jamie 1Ewan 1Lucia 1

After some trial and error we had a semi-decent picture of everyone which I dutifully cropped to the required size … and then I got on my scooter and whizzed over to the printshop.

I explained to the man that the photos were for Vietnam Visa and he quickly set to work in PhotoShop. The results weren’t quite what I was expecting …

Colin 2Rachel 2Phoebe 2Jamie 2Ewan 2Lucia 2

Nicely edited pictures, with moles and other blemishes removed, stray strands of hair trimmed, a nice sky blue background added, and all cropped to a different size!

This wasn’t, I have to say, all that surprising given the obsession with PhotoShop here and it was impressive to watch – it only took 15 minutes to edit all 6 photos 🙂

But, what would happen at the embassy … ???

I’ve lived here long enough to know that some times, in fact most of the time, one just has to go with the flow. So, if the man in the printshop says something different to the ‘official’ website then it’s probably going to be alright since he’s done it thousands of times before.

And, indeed he was. We picked up visas today and are all set for our holiday next week.



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