Looking ahead (part 3)

We leave Phnom Penh in 5 days and in 2 weeks we’ll be back in England for the first time in nearly 700 days (697 to be precise). So, some things that are perfectly ‘normal’ there are bound to feel a bit strange to us …

[edit: actually, it’s now just 2 days til we leave – it’s been a hectic week!]

#3 What do you think will feel weird back in England?

Here are some of things we said: carpet, wearing shoes, driving a car, no househelper, being able to watch TV (not just DVDs), very little noise (the silence could be quite deafening), not having the daily risk of being misunderstood, the sound of birds outside in the morning instead of frogs in the evening, not taking shoes off in your house, the sun not going down at 6 every day, going into a shop and not having to bargain, no street-side stalls or shops that have half their goods on the pavement, and so on.

It was certainly a bit strange when we visited 2 years ago and this time, I reckon, it’ll feel even stranger.

Next week: We’re on holiday in Paris … might be too busy enjoying ourselves to write another post but you never know 🙂


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