Looking ahead (part 2)

Now, with little more than 2 weeks before we leave Cambodia, we’ll look at the second question we asked ourselves … those things that we’ll be quite happy to have a break from.

#2 What won’t you miss from Cambodia?

Lucia: Mosquitoes, ants, loud dogs in our neighbourhood, loud building work, power cuts and hotness.

Ewan: Mosquitoes, ants, power cuts, slow internet, Cambodian people pulling my cheek, and being hot.

Jamie: Mosquitoes, ants, crazy traffic, power cuts, Cambodian people pulling my cheek, and loud building work.

Phoebe: Mosquitoes, ants, sweat, power cuts and stupid internet.

Rachel: I will not miss having to check the towel or clothes for ants, ants in the kitchen after leaving somthing out for 2 minutes, the noise of the local temple at 5:30 on a Saturday morning, constant noise from building work and hot sticky weather…. I don’t mind hot weather.

Colin: Mosquitoes, ants … ants in the house, ants on our towels, ants in my bed and yes even ants in my pants, being hot all the time, almost non stop noise with building work during the day and stupid dogs during the night, and playing Extreme Frogger to get to the shop on the other side (it’s kinda fun, but also quite scary).

Next week: What we think will feel a bit weird in England.


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