Looking ahead (part 1)

In just four weeks time we will leave Cambodia for a 6 month ‘furlough’ (sabbatical) back in England. Having been here for (almost) four years it does, in some ways, feel strange to be going back to England for half a year.

It’s hard to explain what this feels like. A word that is used a lot these days to help describe it all is ‘transition’. We’re going to transition from one culture here in Phnom Penh back to a different culture in England.

To help to understand what we’re thinking about it all here are the answers to some simple questions we asked ourselves:

#1 What will you miss from Cambodia?

Lucia: Ginger (the dog next door), the little boy from next door (he’s VERY cute), Milo guy in the market, the markets, the heavy rain, and 1 & 1 (our favourite shop).

Ewan: Ginger, Milo, friends in school, 1 & 1, lots of rain, tuk tuks, and my teachers.

Jamie: Ginger, the little boy next door, 1 & 1, friends at school, tuk tuks, and motos.

Phoebe: School (friends), market, and coffee shops.

Rachel: Warm barmy evenings, my moto, coffee shops, sour mangoes, and people.

Colin: Friends, driving my moto around Phnom Penh, my job (yes, I really enjoy it), Sambadt (our househelper) and Sron (our tuk tuk driver), fresh mangoes and cheap cinema tickets.

Next week: What we won’t miss while we’re in England.


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