Chilling Out…

handsphoebe smWell maybe chilling out is the wrong word as it is definitely not chilly at the moment! We have six weeks to go before we fly to France for a short holiday then arrive in the UK on the 25th June for 6 months. We are excite and nervous as a lot of things need to happen in these next 6 weeks. Over the Khmer New Year holiday break we started packing and sorting our house to get it ready for some one to house sit. Just this week we now have a new teachers family lined up to look after the house while we are away which is great news.booksThe children and ourselves will start saying goodbye to people we have know for the four years as some of them will be leaving at the same time as us and returning to their home countries for good. This is never easy and it means in amongst all the busy activities we need to make time for our children to adjust to the changes.This is part of living over here but not something we ever get used to!Ewan's StuffWe are very thankful to staff who are going to help our children transition out and then in the UK they are going to all go on a wonderful camp called Rekonnect which will help them transition into their passport countries culture.

We still need a house, job and a small car but we know God will provide.


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