The day the diggers came….

Were were told back in November that our road was going to be paved but December came and went new road. Then it rumoured to happen in February….then May…then the rains came. Suddenly this week on Tuesday in the middle of the rainy season the road was full of diggers and rollers. Why we ask would they start when it looks like rain and when it rains hard the whole road floods? Oh well this is Cambodia and things are always a bit different…….


Our Road Before


Digger…..and interested local boy


Health and safety??? Manually moving the electricity cables…safety feature flip flops and motorbike helmet!


Aaaahhh nice smooth road but still mud and no tarmac yet.

So after 2 days of digging, chainsawing trees down, digging up power cable poles and moving them and house shaking roller….a nice flat sort of level road. BUT looming overhead were the familiar rain clouds. (I learnt a new Khmer word for rain this week… “pleaung batmeay” which literally means “broken sky” great word for torrential rain)


After about 2 hours of torrential rain this is what our new road looked like….


The whole road was under about 6cm water


Other places it was much worse sometimes nearly to the knee!

ImageNow the water has gone down but the road is like liquid chocolate and the motorbike slips and slides over it!! However at least when it was flooded there were not hidden potholes to fall into. So apparently the road is due to be finished in 2 weeks…..we will wait and see. 🙂


4 thoughts on “The day the diggers came….

  1. As I sit here with a McFlurry in one hand, in my car, reading your blog, the heavens have just opened, my car is now a very noisy tin shack and I am having a mini Cambodian downpour experience. Love your blog by the way… xx

  2. Massive empathy here …… Sports Day was cancelled due to waterlogged school! Nothing left to do but sell Krispy Kremes to the kids and parents ….. cant help thinking it went from negative to positive Calories really quickly!

  3. 5 years ago this week our house flooded, but these photos are a whole ‘nuther’ level! (Ask Tina Craig about the whole ‘nuther’ experience we had at Cherish). Good to see you’re getting some chill time as well, take care.

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