We have been enjoying a holiday from school. This year Khmer New Year (celebrated in April) is the weekend after Easter which is nice,

We have been chilling as a family (well metaphoricallly not literally as it is s hot!!), soting out the house, catching up on letter writing and a bit of work from school, language study as well as doing a variety of things with a team from Jubillee Church Coventry. Phew that was our first half of a week!

I was able to visit one of our church members who lives in a slum area. It is always so humbling to see her in the middle of such a tough area. Literally the houses are along a rickety wooden walkway which is about a metre wide over black stinky water. Each house is about 5-6m squared made of a mixture of wood and corrigated metal, with just a doorway onto the walkway…no windows. Each house has a bathroom off the main area. Some houses have a small mezzanine level. Again no windows! There is very little privacy as you can hear what everyone is saying. She lives in this house with her elderly mother, four children, son in law and 2 grandchildren. For this she has to pay $45 (about $30) per month but her monthly salary is only $90. She is alway so pleased to see anyone and I am hoping to be able to meet her more regularly.

This is her front door…everyone knows that she is a Christian….but this often brings alot of hardship and difficulty for her too. Pray for Mrs C and her family.


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