10 Differences

The other day I was thinking about how many things are different in my life and the life of my family because we are living in Cambodia. Some of them I like and embrace others I find hard to adjust to but they are part of my life now and so I know I need to live with them. So in no particular order….

1. My children travel to school in a tuk tuk everyday.

2. My whole family study and work at the same school, HOPE Internationl school.

3. Three of my children think that sour mango is a delicious snack

4. Church is conducted in two different languges every week.

5. I have a wonderful lady who comes to  cook and  clean for me everyday and I know 
that I am  helping her family because I employ her with a fair wage.

6. I shop in a little shop called 1&1and a local market not a giant  Tesco’s

7. I alway use cash never a credit card… in fact what are pin numbers?

8. Packed lunch for school could be cold fried rice in a round tiered lunch container with a handle and spoon/chopstick holder .

9. The price of a 3D Cinema ticket is a whopping $5 (about £3.20) This is what some people in Cambodia would get for their days wage.


10. In the morning I can sit on my veranda and  hear the birds sing (and see them too) and see the most amazing sunrise. I know then how blessed I am to be living in Cambodia.