Lets Take a Walk

This morning we walked down to the local market and bought freshly cooked doughnuts, iced milo and delicious ripe mangoes. Andrew, Becci and Simon joined myself  and the “early birds” Lucia and Jamie for a 5min stroll down the road to PC Market. I thought you might like to take the stroll with us…….

 Take a right out of our front gate and walk down the bumpy road past all the rubbish (bin men have not been for ages). All the pot holes are filled in with broken bricks and tiles which make walking a little tricky but it is not far on this road until we get to a paved road.

 At the end of this road turn sharp left and then the road turns sharp right and we are on a paved road seen below. At the end of this road we will need to turn left.

We walk down to the end of this road with the Wat on our right (you can see the decorative wall)

This picture is taken from the market entrance

We get to the entrance of PC Market shown by this big archway inside is a little bustling local market. I have yet to see a foreigner there (they do go but not often) I have also found prices significantly cheaper than my previous market.

Our aim was to get freshly cooked doughnuts which have been cooked over a fire like the one above. They are simple ring doughnuts with sugar but so delicious!!! We then go to a lady who sell ice coffee and milo for a large sugar rush!
We went back home and had doughnuts, mangoes and coffee some from the market and others opted for freshly ground Cambodian coffee by Three Corner Coffee. We have all decided it is a good once a month Saturday morning tradition!


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