Urgent Help Needed!!

Cambodia has experienced its worst floods for 10 years. Several provinces have been severely flooded, causing major damage to crops, property and transportation routes as well as loss of life.

Some of our Cambodian staff know people or have family who are directly affected by the floods. In Prey Veng, several isolated are now facing a huge crisis. Their roads and crops are completely submerged under water which is four or five metres high. These people are now completely stranded and they are suffering from starvation. ABC Cambodia Radio is collecting food and emergency aid to give to the flood victims.

On Friday the Cambodia Daily newspaper interviewed a group of 15 people, including children, who had been stranded on high land for three weeks in the badly affected south-eastern province of Prey Veng.
Hom Tey, a 35-year-old mother of five, said no government officials had visited.
“My family has only two kilos of rice left,” she said. “No one has offered aid to our families, no one sees our problem.”
Another villager said her five-hectare crop of rice had been destroyed.
“Next year I will have no rice to eat,” said 48-year-old Nhorn Nheam. “Normally when we harvest the rice we pay back the rent to the landowner, but I don’t know how I can pay it back.”
 Cambodia Daily  here

One of our student at school has sent out a letter asking for help and we are making a collection of things on friday.
They urgently need:

  • bottled water
  • dry food
  • canned food
  • mosquito nets
  • clothing
  • torches

We are as a family going to buy some of the things they need and it was so lovely seing the children empty out their pocket money to buy things for the families.
Last week we as a school were learning about Micah 6:13 “What the Lord requires of you is to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly before your God.”

This is love in action

If you want to help these families in huge need contact us with how much you are willing to donate and we will buy the things from the list for friday or we will make contact with agencies we know who are woking in that area and give them the supplies or finances they need to help these families back on their feet.

For more details of floods see here


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