A Sneaky Peak of our House to be….

Patio of new house

This week the most amazing thing happened and has demonstrated to us again of how good God is in every area of our lives. We have been driving round and round searching for just the right house. We felt God had said he was going to provide us a house with a garden but none of the houses we saw with gardens were anywhere near our budget. The other ones we saw were either not suitable or didn’t have gardens. I had begun to think maybe I need to pray about if I am wanting something or that God will provide.A lovely friend of ours said she had a few houses to show us one was really beautiful but probably too expensive as it was not far above our budget we decided to go and look. When I walked in I fell in love with its charm and thought this is so perfect but on discussion with the landlady she was not prepared to come down.I dragged Colin and the children along and they all liked it too.
So we prayed and thought we just need a miracle…maybe a slight change in our financial income and a change of heart from the landlady. The next day I got a message to say my friend was urgently trying to get hold of me, when I rang her she said the landlady had agreed to rent it for the price we had said and then we had a message to say someone wanted to sponsor us. (Just so you know I jumped around the classroom screaming …the pupils had gone home) We could not believe it. Today we were further blessed and amazed, the landladies mother said she had persuaded her daughter to lower the rent just for us not anyone else because she felt God speaking to her that she should do that!!!!(She is a Christian)
Now can you agree with me that God is so amazing?! Also from nearly every window I can see green plants and my room is wooden and the dining room table looks like something from Habitat. God doesn’t just do the minimum he wants to lavishly bless anyone who calls on His name not because of what we have done but just because he loves us. Sometimes it is not what we expect or could imagine. 
So we move in 3 weeks! Which means some pretty swift packing!
Here are some pictures before we have moved in so not all our things:
Patio again
Patio yet again
Sitting Room
Dining Room
Lucia’s Bedroom (downstairs with aircon)
Kitchen as seen when coming down the cliff-like stairs
Ewan’s Bedroom
Upstairs (where Jamie is going to sleep in a room we will create)
View from Veranda into house

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