Decisions…decisions…we have been house hunting for several weeks now and our contract ends at the end of the month. We don’t have to move but feel it would be better for all of us if we move and get settled before the end of term rather than have to move in a rush.
We have trawled around all the areas, and got our lovely friend Jun to ring up landlords (he also has been looking around) but either they were too small, too expensive (the most common reason) or not available any more.I was really hoping to get a garden/yard but these houses were all way over our budget.Today though we saw a house which is similar to the one we have now but arranged slightly differently.

Here is my Estate Agent Description:(italics are my obsevations)

House at far right end -front not in view

This large family end of terrace town house is situated on a quite street overlooking open fields on two sides.
It has a compact (very small) enclosed covered courtyard (4.5×4.5m) at the front with large folding doors opening onto a well proportioned lounge with windows along one side and a double height ceiling. An open corridor on the left  leading  to the rest of the house.(4.5x 9m)

Ground Floor
Bedroom 1 (3.5x 4)complete with en suite shower and toilet. (and windows to the lounge!!)
The corridor opens onto a character dining room with two Roman type pillars and a sink with a marble surround and WC number 2! (quirky or weird esp the sink jutting out randomly)(4.5×4.5)
Stairs to upper floors

Galley kitchen with fitted tiled units (very poky)
Main kitchen, spacious and very airy! (if you like having part of the roof missing!!! and holes in the top of the walls to let air and other things in :))with fitted units and fitted hob backs onto fields. Door to outside passageway. (5mx4m)

Floor 1 this is a mezzanine level

Bedroom 2 (3x 4.5m) en suite WC/ shower and looks over banana field,. Has a small built in desk.

Den (3.5 x 4.5) open area by stairs with WC/shower. Windows overlooking fields

Bedroom 3 (4.5x 4.5) Windows overlooking fields and the lounge!

Floor 2
Kitchenette/office complete with sink! with a balcony and window overlooking fields

Open office area with WC and windows overlooking fields.

Bedroom 4 (3.5x 3.5) window, built in shelves and WC/shower wet room (ie no door!!)

Family room (4.5x 9m) large airy room with windows on two sides and small balcony at the front of the house. Double height ceiling

Floor 3 mezzanine level
Bedroom 5- (3x 4.5m) window overlooking fields

Bedroom 6- (3.5×3.5m) window overlooking fields and built in shelves

Bedroom 7 (4.5x 4.5m)WC/shower. Windows overlooking fields and family room! (can keep kids in order from above!!!)

Roof Top Patio full length roof patio complete with low walls and decorative railing. Views over fields and a few houses. has a lovely breeze and would make a nice rooftop retreat. (sure railing is safe is but!!! .Fortunately only one side and could be covered with potted plants to keep children from climbing! The rest is cement walls and there is a factory the other side of the field but not too loud)

To explain

We didn’t set out to find the biggest house but the way houses are here are designed is often rather random. Houses which take up more land (small villa style with garden) are often $200 to $400 more per month than the town houses or Ptayah wen (thin houses) These thin houses are often designed to house several families which explains the extra kitchen and all the en suite bathrooms! Its not extravagance like we would think of in the west but a necessity when you have extended family all living in the same house. All the houses so far in our budget have been the thin houses which sadly do not have any gardens.
So we need to decide whether to go for this amazing house with all this space inside but no outside space or keep looking in the hope we will find something in our price range with a garden/yard.
We have all looked round the house and the children really liked it but Lucia wistfully said “I did want a beautiful garden”.
So in the next few days we need to make our mind up…pray we will have wisdom to know what to do.

What do YOU think we should do… any ideas????? 🙂


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