Since we got back……

Well I can’t believe we have been back in Cambodia for 5 weeks. What have we been doing you might ask…..well here are a few things……

Starting school which for me meant organising all the children and getting them ready, planning my curriculum and lessons for the next term and my favourite setting up my classroom- this year as a cruise ship!
All quite exhausting but fun.

In June we thought the landlord was going to sell the house, so we would need to move but when we arrived back he said he wasn’t selling. So we had a big shuffle round involving a 3 bedroom swap….now all the children have their own room much to Ewan and Lucia’s delight. It has made bed times so much easier and allowed us to have quality time with each child, something which is often hard to achieve with lots of children.The only downside is now the landlord has said he is selling which after all that effort is a bit frustrating!!
Ewan opted for a beach theme which will have some pirates in when we can find some pirate cloth for bunting!
For the first time Lucia has a girly princess room. When all Ewan’s things were removed it was amazing how much pink and purple was left!! Bed was kindly donated by Phoebe who now is at the top of the house with balcony garden.
 FLOODING!! Most of the time our road does not flood but one day it did and he kids had so much fun!
 We are not sure if it was because the road flooded but about two days later a group of men came and started laying concrete outside different peoples houses. Our road has been unpaved the whole time we have been living here and finally something was happening. Most of the time a road crew will come and prepare the road then a cement truck will come and pour the cement but instead of doing the whole road at once they did each driveway one at a time. Here is laying a road Cambodian style…..
A bamboo support is made first and hand tied with wire
Each day a new section is laid allowing a motorbike entry and exit across driveways.
The man n the white shorts is one of our neighbours and he decided to lend a helping hand. The whole street was out watching and giving advice to the builders!
Some of the builders had wellies but most of them were walking on the cement in their bare feet.
A barrier to stop cars!
Lucia with her friend from down the road
So apart from….working, settling back in, a welcome back party (approx 40 people), wedding reception of a colleague, moving rooms, slightly more hectic start to term due to a number of staff being off for various reasons (one day we were 6 teachers down!), Phoebe starting high school so more homework and youth group (so friends round on Thursday before Youth) lovely girl called Suzie staying for a week, helping a number of new people settle in (incl Simon and Becci at church) well life has been uneventful!

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