It was good to be back …

On 13th June we arrived back in England for the first time in nearly two years. We spent a wonderful 7 weeks seeing family, friends and doing lots of other fun stuff. Before our great holiday became too much of a distant memory, we remembered what where our fave things about our trip back ‘home’ …


  • Day out on the Severn Valley Railway
  • Playing on scooters (lent by a very kind friend)
  • Trip to the Yorvik Musem (in York)
  • The airplane place with Olden Day cars (Brooklands)


  • Seeing my cousins (all six of them)
  • Severn Valley Railway & Museam
  • Beckonscot Model Village with Mike & Jo
  • Brooklands
  • Everything


  • Day Trip to the Isle of Wight
  • Visit to the National Railway Musuem with Grandad
  • Camping
  • Brooklands Museum – Heritage Day
  • Everything


  • Visit to Farnborough Hill with Essie
  • Going to Camberley on the bus with just Essie
  • Day Trip to the Isle of Wight
  • Picnics & going to parks
  • The cows of Castle Bottom


  •  Going for a walk with Lizzie to find the cows
  • [I’m sure Rachel will add more here … or maybe not]


  • Spending lots of time with family & friends
  • Camping – beautiful English countryside, fresh air and cooked breakfasts
  • Being able to do lots of things … some silly, some ‘English’ … that we can’t do in Cambodia

I’m sure its obvious we really did have a great time. We’d like to say a huge thankyou to everyone who made our trip back home so wonderful 🙂



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