Super Heroes

Our Sports Week is a bit different. It is a week where the school is divided into 3 teams the Red Lions, Blue Dolphins and the Green Eagles. We have a dress-up theme for the day and some team games. It is a way of encouraging group participation and community throughout the school and also a lot of fun. It ends on friday with a sports morning from 7am-12.
Super Heroes Day
Poison Ivy
Dash from the Incredibles
Bubbles from the Powder Puff Girls
The Amazing Mrs. Incredible Jane!
Even Batman needs a cuppa
Twin Day
Unfortunately not I didnt seem to get many pictures on Twin day that came out well. Pity as there were some great costumes!
Class Day
This was where as a class you decided the theme and everyone came dressed as the theme…there were Kings and Queens, Animals, Pirates, Household Items, Professional Athletes, Medical, Sleepover, Nerds, Mad Scientists, Super Cool, Formal Dress and  Khmer Formal. These were our kids classes and my class…..

 My class had fun today attacking a few classes as we were pirates….

Tomorrow is the last dress up day….the theme “Your Dream Job” and has got all of us thinking what will we be?


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