Rose plates and Silk Parties

Gorgeous rose plates!

This semester at school ths children are learning about rural Khmer life. We revameped an old play house and Mr Thueon and Mr Rit, our caretakers, covered  it with the Khmer leaf roof so it looks like a field house.
I went shopping to buy some of the things you might find in a typical house.(consultation and help from Sina my classroom assitant!)
The idea is the children will experience life through role play senarioes. They will be able to practise Khmer they have learnt in class and already know. Also they will learn about the culture from our Khmer assistants.

I think my best buy was the stove and the rose patterned plates and the little stove. I am looking forwar to see how the children enjoy playing with all these things.

little charcoal stove (think we will not have the charcoal!)

Ewan and Lucia have been having great fun trying all the things out! It was fun to watch them organise all the items and set out their “house”. Lucia and Phoebe were doing the cooking and Ewan was washing up!!

Grilled fish for dinner?
Why is “play” washing up more fun?
Do you want some “Bai Chaa?
Traditional dinner of rice, egg and fish is served

Last week Mark and Jenny (Mark is the art teacher) hosted a silk party where you had to come in a silk item. It was really fun to get dressed up.  Anyone who know us well will know wwe love dressing up! So it was off to BKK market which is a predominantly second hand market where clothing can be bought for as little as 75c or 50p if you know where to look.
Phoebe and I had a long list of required items for the party and the assortment of costumes we needed for Sports Week at school this week. After a three hour shopping trip we managed to get all the required items and treated ourselves to having our hair straightened.
The children all went as super heroes and Colin wanted to go as a pirate…after raiding my jewelry box!

Award for best “new trend with silk for 2011)
The lovely Kate, Danielle and Carrie
Becky, Me, Danielle
Becky, Chloe, Kelly, Katy, Kate

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