Words,Marshmallow Hot Chocolate and Stationary

This morning I had to drag myself out of bed at 5:45…ok well the alarm went off at 5:45 and I had to be in the lobby by 6:20 to get the bus. it was tight! Me and Jane were do excited by the Special K with Strawberries (simple things make us happy) the guys were not so excited by that. We were disappointed byt the tea and couldn’t understand why it wasnt turning brown ..it was some sort of yellowish colour, until we relaised we had put the chinese tea in!
Josephine KimThe conference was inspirong. The firs tkey note speaker was talking about the media and the influence for good and bad that it has on out children. I went to workshops on teaching ESL kids one on learning the other on writing, digital portfolios (@ Fiona if you are reading this you have done a great job with the wiki ..you ticked lots of boxes so thumbs up!!) and Motivating Teachers. The most inspirational of all was a lady called Dr. Josephine Kim who talked about being culturally sensitive but it was really her testimony of how she switched between Korean and American culture and eventually went to an international school. She shared how one teacher in America turned her life around and made her feel worth something,. I had tears in my eyes. Also how the hard times in her life when she was confused as to where she belonged helped to shape her into the person who she is now,a lecturer in Harvard University.
We met with some other teachers from Cambodia and prayed as this is a  national day of morning for the 339 people who died on Sunday and over 1,000 injured.

We went to find somewhere to eat at teh shopping centre and ended up at Burger King (we ate all Korean yesterday!) Then a coffee and cream puff in Dunkin Donuts. They have these cool gadgets. When you by a drink you get a balck disc like a spaceship.When your drink is ready it lights up!!
After this I went shopping….got some little goodies for my lovely family!!!Shopping district downtown, Suwon, Suwon Intro, photo, picture, image


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