Explosive Art Lessons…..

JAGS by year 7/8

One of the things I am loving about HOPE school is the opportunity to broaden my teaching expertise. I am a trained primary teacher but when I trained I did Art and Design as my main subject. This was to degree level and so any opportunity to teach art is always a delight to me.
There is something so fun about giving children unusual and unique opportunities to explore materials, ideas, artists and techniques. The new art curriculum called Interact Art is so amazing. We are looking at five modern artists and how they interpret the vehicles in the world around them through art and sculpture.

This week we were looking at an artist called Richard Goodwin who makes these amazing sculptures out of pieces of cars or motorbikes. It looks like the cars/motorbikes are exploding.
The class thought is was so awesome and I really wanted them to have a go but was struggling to come up with something practical and which didn’t stretch the budget!
I had bought these Styrofoam models of cars but I only had two so I photocopied them and we stuck them onto the polystyrene trays you get food in. Then they coloured some bits in and cut out all the little shapes. Then we randomly (but planned random of course) stuck the pieces together with toothpicks.
I was not sure how it was going to work but was so excited about the way their models turned out. The class had really taken the idea on board and produced some wonderfully crazy models…..

I am excited to see how art can promote discussion and deal with ideas and issues that are in the world rather than creating pretty pictures ( which are nice) that don’t really say anything. Art is about what you are passionate about and should reflect something of you in it.

I am interested to see how my other Y7/8 class interpret this artist!


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