Kanchanaburi – Ong Sit

This is one journey I love. It is going back to where I grew up as a child…to the house I lived in and people I remember. The scenery is so beautiful especially this time of year when the rains have made everything green. We were going to travel on a local “bus” which is a covered truck with bench seats either side.
You do not go to the bus station rather you walk down a narrow side alley where several of these trucks are waiting. You arrive around 11:00 am and wait until the truck is full or ready to go. We had a little trouble working out which one to get as the lady spoke very quickly but a friend of my parents was in town and was able to help us out.

We found that it was leaving at 12:30 so we wandered down the road and found a stall selling BBQ chicken sticks and sticky rice. It was delicious and sticky!!! I also got some somdow which is a spicy mango and carrot salad….it is very hot and delicious!

At about 12:15 everyone who was getting on arrived and got on and we left on time but then had to stop to get fuel. This was not just fuel for the truck but fuel in four large tanks on the back of the truck!!!

The tanks of fuel were about 250 litres each and the little ones were 20 litres. We were also travelling with 6  16 kilogramme gas tanks, 90 bottles of  fizzy drinks, polystyrene boxes and various boxes of things and then about 10 people. Thankfully there was no live animals!!
As you get out of town the road begins to climb and twist around the mountain, with very sharp drops down the side.

After about two hours we came to a lake which we have to cross over on a ferry. It is a “turn up and go when full” ferry….so we arrived just after it left which ment we had to wait about half an hour. The lake is really low this time of year as there has not been very much rain. These boat houses are normally much higher up the top of the picture is where the water line is normally.

This was the truck we were on, after three hours we finally made it to my parents house. I hadnt realised how noisy it had been until I got off! I was sitting right at the front behind the cab and the engine was so loud that we could hardly speak to each other.

It was good to be back home and in one piece! This is the view of my house as you come down the road. It is all covered in trees as the rains have come. The house is surrounded by trees and bamboo and is so peaceful.


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