Tesco Lotus

On Thursday we decided we had had enough sun and needed some air-con and retail therapy so we headed off to one of two massive Tesco Lotus ( as big as Camberley)

Apart from the signs in Thai it looks like England!!! Same layout and some of the same labels are the same like F&F clothes (maybe some subtle differences) It was so lovely to shop in a clean, air-con shop where all the prices were on the products and if you were being ripped off you were innocent to the fact. Normally if I get clothes I have to brave the stifling heat of the Russian market, trawl through endless little stalls and haggle for every thing I want. This was bliss!!!
 We ended by passing a Dunkin Dounuts…well we are on holiday!!!

I was able the get the kids a set of PJ’s each and an outfit or T-shirt which was great…..they wanted to ttry on their new things (except Ewan!! )

Then it was lunch and a relax in the pool and Colin was able to watch the football on the big flat screen TV.


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