Juniper Tree

The Juniper Tree is this lovely guesthouse with the rooms in these Thai style bungalows, for people who are working in Christian ministires around this part of Asia. I love it because there is a pool and gardens for the children to run around and quiet places for me to hide and read my book! It is full board with laundry done as well. So for me it is a place of real rest. There are always lots of other children for our children to play with and they have loved playing games like hide and seek or capture the flag…things they cant do in Phnom Penh as there are so few gardens.

The first day we crashed out and went in the pool and then slept so well after our sleepless night on the train!
On Wednesday the owners were taking all their staff out for a thank you meal ( something they do every year) So there was no lunch provided so we headed into town to a Mexican restaurant.

 The food was so yummy and we had to keep ordering extra tortillas!
We then wandered around that part of Chaingmai to get a feel for the city. Our restaurant was along the city moat so we followed that to the ancient city gated and the children chased pigeons.
Old Gate
Starbucks and Boots
Temple Entrance
Ping River
Too much walking for some!!!

One thought on “Juniper Tree

  1. We were searching around for somewhere quiet to stay near Chiang Mai when Lee Kim asked if we’d heard of ‘The Juniper Tree’. Googling turned up this WordPress page.

    “Wow – doesn’t she look like Lucia Saunders!”
    “Erm, that IS Lucia Saunders! In fact (Goldilocks stylee), it’s the whole Saunders family!”

    Recommendation enough for me – email sent 🙂

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