Bangkok-Chaing Mai

 KFC photo from this informative blog

We arrived at the station and had some food at the KFC at the main station called Hualumphong (Colin calls it the umpa lumpa station) ….the main area was packed with people sitting on the floor and on the few chairs availiable all looking up to the enormous screen showing the world cup. The Thais love their football and avidly follow all the matches. as I walked through there was a collective gasp as the goal missed.
I couldn’t use my camera as the batteries were dead but have scoured the web to give you some photos of what it was like on the journey. (Thankfully I have a second chance on the way back for some of the shots so will make sure my batteries are fully charged up!!!)

 Bangkok Station sourced from here
Watching the World Cup looked like this…sourced from here
Getting on the night train here
Inside the train before the bunks are made up here
 The track I don’t see in the night!!! here
This website has some cool pictures of the train. I love the title
“Everything is Dirty”
 View in the morning here
Arriving in Chaingmai Train Station here
There is something special about the Night Train, I used to travel on it as a child with my parents, as my dad much prefered the train to the bus and I agree. There is the excitement and adrenaline of rushing through Bangkok traffic (or rather stressing because you are stuck in traffic) to get to the train on time. Then arriving with time to spare and looking in all the snack shops and buying snacks for the journey. Going throught the ticket door into the big open space of the station platforms to find the sleeper car you are in. Getting on and finding your seat settleing down with snacks, toys or a book waiting for the train to leave. Meeting your sleeper car attendant and working out when you want breakfast in the morning and what time you want your bed made up. Different people from the train staff walk up and down with drinks or fruit to sell. They all want to say hello and find out where you are from. Meeting the other passengers on the train and wondering if they will snore!!! Finally about 9pm the  sleeper attendant makes up the bed and you dare to use the toilet and brush your teeth (toilets are interesting!!) pull the curtains and snuggle under the blanket and try to sleep. The beds are surprisingly comfotable but the train tends to jerk and jolt which means sleep is a bit difficult to come by…..but in the morning the views are stunning…misty mountains and if you are up early enough or on the right train deep mountain gorges. It is an experience which always brings back fond memories and one I definitely wanted all my children and Colin to experience.
What did they think….they felt the same. our attendant was so funny trying to nick their teddies and teasing them. They loved having their own bed. ewan and Lucia looked so cute curled up together in the morning.
It was definitely worth doing even thought none of us slept that well……it was a memorable experience not to be missed.
Our next stop is a great family place called the Juniper Tree.

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