Although we live in a capital city, Phnom Penh feels rather provincial compared to the polished neighbouring Bangkok, with its massive malls and slick sky train.
We had planned to go to a water park as the water park in Phnom Penh looks like it should be condemned and still they let people go on it!! However after our epic journey the day before it was  unannimously decided that we would lie-in, then go in the pool and then go and see a mall…..oh which to choose!!!! We decided to go to the biggest one called after the lady at the hotel reception suggested we got a taxi so we thought we would make life a bit easier and relax in a taxi….so  we hopped in …it was about 11:30 …half an hour later our taxi diver said…oh traffic is bad I take you to sky train…quick quick you get to MBK me in taxi slow slow!!!

So we got on the sky train and had to make one change before we got to MBK and looked out and saw Paragon Mall with IMAX and Ocean World and Pizza World…so we decided we were very hungry and would stop for lunch…..

We went to Pizza World and enjoyed this amazing view from the window….on one side the sky train went right past the window and the other side we looked over the square in front of Paragon Mall.  Unfortunately because we had to catch a night train later in the day to ChaingMai we missed out on seeing Shrek 4 at the IMAX cinema in at the top of this Mall 😦 So we went bowling instead which was great fun. It was such a cool bowling alley!It even had a Karaoke Room! (we didnt use it!)

 This is the bootom floor of the Siam Center shopping mall where Pizza World was. On every level they had these funky seats to sit on which were surprisingly comfy even though they were made of plastic. The kids loved sitting on them and I would have taken some pictures except I spotted a sign which said no photos fine 2,000b and my batteries ran out (again!)
After bowling and wandering roung the enormous toy section we spilt up and Colin went back with Jamie and Phoebe to retreive our bags from the guesthouse and I sat and watched Ewan and Lucia play in a ballpool…in the aircon…but without a coffee so it was nearly bliss.
Our next leg of the journey started at 7:35 on the sleeper train from Bangkok to Chaingmai…


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