Trat -Bangkok

A long endless 5 and a half hours later we arrive in Bangkok. We still needed to get to our guest house and by this time it was 5:30 and we had been travelling since 8:30 with no proper food breaks.
Bangkok traffic is notirious and the simplest thing would have been to get a taxi but it would have taken forever. Our only option was the Sky Train much to the childrens delight!
I was really impressed with the Sky Train it was clean quick and not too expensive although for us it added up as there was no childs fare.Lots of people use it and it was very busy. It was fun seeing Bankok from so high up but it made the shops below like some sort of underworld…very dark and gloomy.

Bangkok traffic under the Sky Train
Next we went on the MRT which is the underground system, again very clean and efficient with very helpful staff and this time a childs fare….hurrah!!
Then it was only a 10 minute walk to our guest house….mmmmmm or so we had been told. after wandering round for nearly half an hour we gave in and got a taxi. He refused to out on the meter only after we had all got in and then proceeded to charge us four times what it should have been! GRRRR! W finally arrived at the KT guesthous and collapsed in a heap. It was a very tired and very grumpy family that crawled into the restaurant until we had some food in us and then we returned to normal. the only thing that made us laugh was Lucia who kept saying “Where is Katy I want to see Katy” (Katy is her pre-school teacher) No amount of persuading could make her realise it was KT and not Katy! She was just too tired!
The best news was that breakfast was served anytime!!! Woohoo! Lie in time!

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