Koh Kong-Trat

We woke up had a leisurely breakfast and got a tuk tuk to the boarder of Thailand about 20 minutes from the guest house. On the way we saw these ominous clouds hanging over the sea…hoping we would make before the rain came down.

Arri our tuk tuk driver from Koh Kong

We crossed the border with no delays apart from us having to fill out 12 forms…6 for the Cambodian side and 6 for the Thai side….sigh when the children are old enough to fill out their own forms……:)
We got on a nice smart mini bus (thailand is much more efficiant) but should have taken heed from the sign…..

….about 15 mins up the road we turn off into a small town? or village? and were told everyone out! You get in this mini bus! Oh great the tatty one with bad suspension….an hour and a half trip on a bumpy road and they had put a whole massive bag of dried shrimps in the bag which over time filled tha van with their fishy smell.

Arrived at Trat bus station with 15mins to spare before the next bus so quickly grabbed a couple of pot noodles from the shop (hot water provided with fork too) and huddled round eating as fast as we could before they wanted us to get on the bus.
The bus was….CLEAN!!! (Cambodian buses you don’t even want your shoes to touch the floor sometimes) Much to the kids delight they served us with chocolate wafer bars and coke! (great a sugar rush is all we need)


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