Bikes, Burns, Bruises and Blessings

Today has been one of those days…one where things don’t really go to plan. We have all been asked to move our motorbikes to somewhere off the pavement. So we had to park right at the far end of the school down a really steep slope. As I was going down the slope and trying to work out where to park my bike cut out, so I stopped to re-start it and Phoebe was just about to get off the back when there was a piercing scream. One of the other teachers came shooting down the ramp and nearly crashed into us. He managed to squeeze between us and the parked bikes without hitting us. If Phoebe had got off she would have been seriously injured. His brakes had failed. There are so few hills…that it is easy to miss if you brakes are not quite working.

After the staff meeting Phoebe came up and said her leg hurt…she had burnt it whilst getting off the bike on someone elses bike. Normally the bikes are not parked that close together but her leg must have touched one of the exhuast pipes. So we put her under running water but it didnt look good. It was red and had a large white center which looked like it was blistering. Some of the teachers bandaged it so it wouldnt get bumped. We have now put some aloe vera on it to take out the pain.

On the way home I had to go up the steep slope and as I came up the top there was a van parked in the way and I turned out onto the road slowly (fortunately) and a motorbike was coming up the wrong way (quite normal) and I nearly had a head on crash….just swerved to miss them.

At home Lucia managed to dislodge the sink, which is supposed to be in the process of being repaired, and it landed on top of her and bruised her leg.

So today it has been a day of disasters …black tuesday…but when I thought about it I realised that God’s protecting had was on us. Phoebe could have been seriously injured. When we took the bandage off there is no blister only a faint red mark, which hurts but it seems ok. I did not crash and Lucia only got a bruise. Sometimes we look at all the bad things and forget that God is good and looks after us, protects us in ways we cannot imagine. Judging from the traffic soemtimes I think he is working overtime with us here!

  The other day Jamie was begging…please can we have a dog! His friend was giving away these gorgeous puppies. I had to be very strong as they were gorgeous and fluffy…but we have no garden and no time to look after a dog. He just did the puppy dog eyes at me!


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