Time to Rest….

So what do you do when the Art Walk  and Open Day are over???? Answer: Go out with a friend and take some time out in an air-con coffee shop!  I know you think that is all I do but I don’t really! Thanks April for introducing me to it…you knew I would love the ambiance! 🙂
There is a new shop in town called Gloria Jeans and it is a bit like Starbucks. Arty, good coffee and air-con which at this time of year saves you from wilting at the end of the day.

(Photos taken from Gloria’s Jeans Facebook site)

While we are still enthused or interested about art here is a piece of art work I found really interesting. It is made out of decommissioned guns by students of the Peace Art Project in Cambodia.  I found the article on this blog  or this one.

I would love to find out more about Cambodian artists and maybe use their work as inspiration for the children I teach.


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