When the lights go out…..

…….the art begins! We had a power cut today. A faulty trip switch which cannot be replaced until tomorrow. Fortunately Cambodian houses have trip switches for different floors so upstairs and most of the bedroom were not affected. (a good house design) It means that if we run a series of extension cords to the kitchen we can keep our fridge running.

When I came down after putting the kids to bed the candles had burnt right down and made these awesome designs! I do also have art on the brain as I am helping to organise the first Art exhibition at Hope School. It is called an Art Walk and will show off all the work from Pre-School to Year10.

Colin is also hoping to go live this week with the new school website which he has been working on and it looks great. The school have already got two more projects for him to do which is so amazing.

We both love being part of a school which so values each child and wants to give them the best. I will give you some sneak peaks of the art walk before it opens officially on Thursday.


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