New Hairstyle….

Ok so I can’t remember the last time I had a fringe….it looked much nicer in the salon but I walked out and realised I was on my moto so had to stick a helmet on it and drive through PP. Doh!! Now the humidity is playing havack with it! Still they did cut it well and I will get used to it.
We decided to go out and have some family time today so we went to relax at a place which is great for little kids. It is called Le Jardin and is a small garden restaurant with sandpit and wooden playhouse. It is all shady which is nice and around the garden are large daybeds covered in cushions which is lovely for the adults to relax in.

Phoebe was enjoying relaxing but couldn’t decide if she wanted to join in with the others or read her book.
The other nice thing about this place is their ice-cream. We had black chocolate, afterdinner mint, white chocolate and caramel…yum just what you want on a hot day. The only slight problem today was the property next door was renovating and drilling very loudly! 😦 So relaxing it was not! But the kids enjoyed themsleves and we had nice ice-cream.
The most interesting part of the afternoon was observing a different group of people….ex-pats who do lunch (the ones with small kids) They come ( think around the school run there is a school down the road) and meet other people they knew often bringing their nanny to look after the children while they chatted. Very interesting! It struck me that some people who come to Camboodia spend all their time trying to survive…the heat, noise and culture by retreatuing into what is familiar. What is harder but I think more rewarding in the long term is if you adapt….chose parts of the culture and way of life you can blend in with. This is what we are trying to do not to just survive but adapt and enjoy the interesting and different things we encounter on our journey and pray that as a family and individuals we are richer for it. 


One thought on “New Hairstyle….

  1. Well you will be rewarded richly for making that effort to try and learn and blend into the culture….whilst being wise and taking times out like at Le Jardin. Looks lovely………

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