Little details from our life…..

I thought on this post I would show some of the things we do in our everyday life. Just the little details of our life which to us have become normal and everyday but which some of you might find interesting. This is Phoebe in our local supermarket. This one is called Lucky Supermarket and is part of a chain of supermarkets in Phnom Penh. It is great bc you can get most things here including western and fresh food. (market is cheaper for fresh food) What is nice is it is air-conditioned, bright and clean, and has fixed prices! So if we are not in the mood for the hot, smelly, noisy market its off to Lucky!

When mum is not looking a favourite game is to play on my moto! The children are always begging to get a lift to school and as I am becoming more confident it is easier. This week I drove all the way through the centre of town to the river front to get my haircut, navgating some very BIG roundabouts and duel carrigeways and lots of Lexus 4×4 cars!!! Colin is practising on quiet roads first!!

Ewan and Lucia being the most mischeivious pair love this game of creating a slide on the roof!! It involves lots of buckets of water been thrown on the roof and then run and slide!!! Great fun on a hot day. We are fortunate to have a shady roof space which does not get much hot midday sun.

Phoebe with one of her friends on “twin day”…..she is enjoying having sleepovers and swapping stickers (the lastest girly thing at school)

Ewan with one of his friends on his swing on the roof garden (Grandad made it for him for Christmas and he loves it) It is nice having a bit space the children can invite friends round and we don’t really notice they are there!

3 thoughts on “Little details from our life…..

  1. Oh I love this!!!!!!! how great to have a water splash zone!!!!! have you tried your pop up tent up there yet???? I see you have a small one……I am wondering if you could do sleepovers in the big tent up their as the pop up one does not need guy ropes etc!

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