When life gets too much……

Sometimes when I have had a long week at school or feeling tired or homesick……to keep going I have to take some time out. Usually what I need is peace and quiet, no obligations or people to talk to. I am one of those funny people who likes to go to coffee shops on my own and sit by myself. I might read the paper or just sit and watch the world go by.
So if you come up to me or I ignore you it is nothing personal…..I have just zoned out and probably didn’t see you! 🙂
I have a few favourites in Phnom Penh and some I want to try. Java Cafe is one, but it is quite far away so I have not ventured there yet on my moto but one day I will. Yejj because they now recognise me (oops! been too many times) and I can sit at the front and people watch which is fun.

Then Jars of Clay because they have amazing mango cheesecake which I have been trying to get a piece of for about 2 months. Everytime I went in they had sold out it was so popular but finally I got a piece and it was worth the wait!!! 🙂
Or if I am feeling like I don’t want to go anywhere ther is a hamock on my roof which catches a lovley breeze….so I sit there with my book and chill out.
I read in a book once…. that God has put within each woman the desire for beauty…this does not mean girly gushy beauty but something deeper. Sometimes we need that time out and time to stop and appreciate the world around us to be refreshed and revived. I know that ultimately God is the one who does this for me but He has also given me lots of other things which help keep my life in balance.
So what ever it is that God has given you which is your beauty…music, sport, reading, nature,walking the dog, coffeeshops!! Take time this week to enjoy and thank God for this provision in your life!


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