Books and Lemongrass Tea

Today we decided to take a break from finding house things (apart from looking at some furniture) and someone had suggested we go to a Bookshop/Toy shop called Monument Books. We were not sure how long the children would last! When we arrived though it was lovely. There was a whole section for the children with cushions to sit on. They chose books to read and settled down, there was ambient music playing and a place for adults to sit. Colin grabbed a magazine on the latest movies and I found some cool interior design books to get some decorating/house arranging ideas. After about 40 mins I mouthed to Colin “can I have a coffee?”. There was a coffee shop in the book shop … such a lovely place (Emma R you would love it!) I wanted to take a photo but it was a bit dark. One whole wall was deep red covered with all different sized mirrors some with carved frames, others with very distressed old frames. So lovely! I had my coffee in peace and quiet. Then Phoebe joined me and we had some gorgeous fresh lemongrass tea … hers was iced and mine was hot … while we were doing this Colin took the others to the toy shop upstairs where to their delight there was a place to play! Colin swapped with me and he had a chance to have a cuppa too. We finally dragged the children away after about 2 hours. We all felt really chilled out and relaxed!


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