the rains came down and the floods came up…..

Well that was what happened today. I hadn’t really paid much attention to the rain today just made a mental note that it was heavy….that was until I got a call from Colin saying it was flooding in the house…all the way through. By the time we all got home from school it was about 1 1/2 inches deep. Fortunately Colin had been home all day because Lucia was not so well so he was able to rescue a few things.

It has taken us about three hours to bail the water out. In Cambodia we have these really good dustpans with handles so you don’t have to bend down to sweep up the dirt….they had a completely different use today! Sambaht my house helper was swining it through the flood water to scoop it outsde. We have nice little steps across all the doors to “stop the water” coming in but they are not big enough. The real problem comes when you want to get the water out of the house over the step. The dustpans work a treat…and we had three so the children had fun joining in too. As the dining room was still flooded, we had to eat upstairs Khmer style which was fun! (This involves sitting on the floor and eating food which had nearly gone cold because it had been prepared 2 hours earlier…no-one complained!)

The good news is we will be moving soon!! Yipee! We went to look at a house for the second time today and checked it out with the children. (forgot the camera 😦 They loved it and so we decided to go for it…good price, good size and good location. We also noticed no sign of flooding!!! 🙂

The downside is we have to pay 3 months rent deposit and 1 months rent in advance…quite normal but we had thought we were going to move a bit later so less time to save up. ( We will get the deposit back when we leave). Also the house has not a stick of furniture so we are working out what is our ABSOLUTE essentials…it is quite funny really what each family member deems essential.
I wonder if you could guess each persons?

Just some pictures of Ewan playing Top Trumps with his friends!

Ewan go a bike for his birthday which he was very pleased about! It is second hand and had a chewed handle and a bright blue seat. When I pointed this out the lady went and removed a handle and break from another bike…so I pointed to the nice plack and red seat (might as well get it co-ordinated!) It was all swapped around and put on to my specific taste with good humour…. I think they found Ewan a bit cute too!!!


One thought on “the rains came down and the floods came up…..

  1. Hi to you all, glad Ewan had a great fun birthday, looks like he enjoyed it!! happy belated birthday from me. I will never foget that day 6 years ago!!!Love to you all miss you,love Ruth xxx

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