Pieces of my life….

Sometimes it is difficult to explain what life here is like. The only way I can describe it is by comparing it to a type of snack the Khmer people love to eat. They mix sugar, salt and chilli together and dip certain fruit in it. It is acutally quite nice but definitely an aquired taste. Life is like this: sometimes it is sweet, things go well, people understand me when I try to totalk to them in Khmer (and I remember what to say!)the weather is cool and i have fun! other days it is like the salt or chilli. It is hard, friends seem far away, no-one understands me and I cant find what I want.
When I have a “salty” or “chilli” day I have to remember the good things here and why we are here. I love that verse where it says all things work together for the good of those who love God. Even when the going is tought God is at work in me and my family.
Our next plans are to move from our current house to one which is a bit closer to work. This will mean not having a yard 😦 but that means no dog 🙂
We are looking at a flat/town house style which is in a terrace. they can be quite large inside but narrow and tall (with a roof space for a garden) The children are all looking forward to having their own space with all their own things.
It will be hard work but we need to do this before Christmas.
One of the reasons we want to move is because this house floods…well the garde does and a little into the house. It is not nice having to wade in and out through the water.

The other day we walked down the road and were surrounded by loads of children who all wanted their picture tsken. They were so cute!

The market is somewhere I like to go if I am not too tired. It can be quite an overwhelming place…a real explosion of colour, noise and smells!! I like seeing what things there are for sale. You can find almost anything you want.


One thought on “Pieces of my life….

  1. Lovely! You can't live in that house that floods! I hope you get somewhere dry to live, though your kids look like they're enjoying the floods :O)Beautiful Cambodia children there captured with the camera. The salt and the chilli days are the grit that makes the pearl yeah? Keep being you, keep being strong xxx

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