Last day at the beach

It was so lovely today. We spent the whole day at Sokha Beach (private one) It has lots of shade and was very quiet. The only down side was drinks were very expensive (which we found out yesterday) so today we brought our own.

Phoebe and myself went into town to get lunch from a bakery we found that does homemade bread and cakes….oh so nice! Also they have a craft shop so we did a spot of shopping. It was nice to buy things which were made by people who you knew were going to get some benefit from the sale.

When we got back the sun was quite hot, too hot to play in so I made a little camp under the trees for the younger two to play in but they all enjoyed playing. We found things on the beach. I had bought some tin chests when we went shopping and the boys enjoyed burying these for treasure.

This evening Colin and myself got to go out as Colin’s sister babysat for us. We went to the beach and sat in a comfy chair right in front of the waves, listening to chilled out music and eating fab BBQ food. Such a nice way to end our beach stay.

We are on our way back to Phnom Penh tomorrow and then back to England so this might be the last post. See you soon!



4 thoughts on “Last day at the beach

  1. Hi all, really missed you Rachel,but it’s been great following your travels and what a lot of good fun you have all had!Thanks for letting us share it with you!!..Look forward to your safe return,God bless, see you soon. love Ruth xxx

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