Onto Sihanouk Ville …

Sunday was great. We were at church in the morning and the kids were much more settled. It was a really great time despite quite a few people being away for Chinese New Year. After church we spent the afternoon with Steve & Midge before heading back to the hotel to do the last minute packing for our trip down to Sihanouk Ville.

The coach was comfortable and had air con. It also had a toilet … 3/4 height one … I’ll explain that we get back 🙂 However, it was about 4h30m with 4 very bored children … we were so glad when we finally reach Sihanouk Ville … especially as for the last 1h or so, the driver was obviously having trouble finding any gears in the gearbox!

Originally we had booked into a small guesthouse but then Steve & Midge told us when they went there 4 weeks ago it was awful because of a hotel being built next door. So, at their recommendation, we ‘upgraded’ to a rather posh hotel … feel a bit out of place to be honest.

Yesterday afternoon, after some lunch, we went down to the local beach as soon as poss … it was nice but we were pestered by people trying to sell stuff … And then disaster … my wallet was taken out of Rachel’s bag 😦 … once this had sunk in I told the beach bar we were in front of and went to an internet cafe on the beach (yes, they do have them) and looked up all the numbers I needed to call … but when I got back to Rachel to my amazement she was holding my wallet. Some lads at a nearby beach bar, who keep an eye out for pickpockets, had seen it happen … and managed to find out that we were the owners. It was SO amazing to see how God is looking after us 🙂

Today, monday, we went back to the same beach (with less money with us) but got pestered again. So, in the afternoon we went to the private beach of a *really* posh hotel and paid just $2 to use the beach … it was *lovely*. Pictures soon …

I think I’ve said enough now … hadn’t had time to do lots of blogging so made up for it tonight.

And thanks to all of you who have put comments … keep them coming.




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