Royal Palace

We got up early and were all at the palace at 8am. (that was the hard bit!) it is behind these big walls which were painted a pale yellow. Every where you look there are beautiful carved features. On the edges of windows, around doors, along the roofs. When we walked into the garden, it was beautifully kept and manicured. Ewan was disappointed bc he wanted to look at a big lake in the grounds but it was in a restricted area.

We went to look at the throne room first. All the wall were painted so beautifully that from a distance it looked like wall paper. The ceilings were painted too with scenes.

We were not allowed to photograph inside the throne room but have pictures from the guide book. There were lots of smaller but just as beautifully decorated buildings. We didn’t look at all of them and some we were not allowed in.

The next place we went too in the palace grounds was the Silver Pagoda which is a Buddhist Temple the floor was made of silver tiles. Most of them were covered by carpets so they would not be damaged but the ones we could see were carved with gorgeous patterns. there was also a statue covered with jewels.

Jamie’s favourite bit was looking at the fish in a pool!


Sorry, ran out of time to put up some photos … WILL do tomorrow.



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