Shops, Weddings and Schools

This week we have just been getting used to life here. Next week we will be doing a lot more investigations into schools, houses and our job.

Today has been very hot. we went out to look at a school which was nice. It was good for the children have some space to run around as there are NO parks with play areas. Actually there is not very much for children to do but everyone is very friendly. We are looking into some cafe and supermarkets which have play areas.

The other thing I have not located is a shop selling ice-lolly…oh do we need to find that!! The shops in our block are funny. we have about 10 mobile phone shops, nearly as many internet places, pharmaceutics, dental, opticians but you have to walk about 10mins to the supermarket…and cross a very scary main road!

Opposite the internet shop I am in now there is a wedding party. This will go on for a few days. They have set up a marquee in the road and it is draped with very bright nylon material so it looks silky and is decorated with plastic flowers. There are lots of table and chairs all decorated very carefully. The most noticeable thing is the VERY LOUD traditional music playing. I am told this will go on until tomorrow possibly through the night!! Will let you know tomorrow if we got any sleep!!!



One thought on “Shops, Weddings and Schools

  1. HI Rachel, Glad all going ok so far – next week the hard work begins. Hope you manage to find everything you are looking for! We are all missing Ewan at pre-school (more than he is missing us I expect!) Take care. Thinking about you all lots xx

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