elephant ride

Well it is 5:45 here and it is cooling down nicely. It has been a very hot day and we are SO glad we opted for an air con room.

Today we went to Wat Phnom which is the most important Buddist Temple in Phnom Penh. We had to walk up lots of steps to the temple and it was beautifully decorated inside and out.
At the bottom of the hill there was an elephant which belongs to the temple and you can have a ride. It was very wobbly and jolted from side to side. It was very high up and no health and safety precautions!!

It was expensive to Khmers at $5 per person and it made me realise how poor some people are. We had spent in half an hour what some people make in a week.

we have some photos but are having trouble finding how to download them! It took me half an hour to down load photobox only to find it wont work! We will try again tomorrow.



3 thoughts on “elephant ride

  1. Hi alljust seen the temple and elephant on you tube, looks busy there, lots of people,cars and bikes etc.bet the elephant ride was fun!!Take care God bless,love Ruth xx.

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